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About Us

About EFSI

EFSI is a small women-owned business formed in 2003.   EFSI is currently subcontracting on the following NASA contracts:


GSMO2 subcontract (prime KBRwyle) - Provide Ground System Support to NASA on Earth Science Missions, Space Science Missions, and NOAA missions.

OMES2 subcontract (Prime SAIC) - Provide Engineering Technology Directorate (Code 500) at NASA GSFC.   Primary work on the JPSS and RESTORE mission 


Contractor directed sub on Software and Mission Assurance (SMAS) and Software Engineering Support SES2 (NASA GSFC code 580) contracts.


Linda Rogers MBA, CPA
President & CEO
Linda has led the company since inception, in 2003.  Her vision remains building a high quality, nimble teams.  She ensures the company focuses on employee development to help drive superior services with cost effective end results.
Charles Rogers

Charlie Rogers is the Vice President of Embedded Flight Systems, Inc.  Charlie has worked as a subcontractor at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center developing software flight systems since 1983.   ,

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