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Spacecraft Simulators

EFSI believes having a spacecraft high-fidelity simulator is key to developing a low cost/risk spacecraft ground system and flight software system.    The simulator can be used for training, proc validation, ground system validation, flight software development and mission’s sims.    The overall objective is for everyone on a flight project to have access to a high-fidelity simulator running the unmodified flight code and the flight ground system.    
Our Simulators can be software only, hardware in the loop, or flight hardware ETU (flatsat).   In the best of worlds, everyone would have access to the spacecraft flight hardware.   Unfortunately, access to the flight software is normal in very high demand and not available.    The second best option is a high fidelity hardware duplication of the spacecraft.    These are normally expensive.    The options we provide is a software-only simulator and hardware in the loop simulator.   These are low-cost answer that allows everyone access to a high fidelity representation of the S/C.
EFSI's High Fidelity software only simulator have the following capabilities :
  • Ability to run unmodified flight software (Spacecraft / Instrument)
  • Ability to simulate the flight environment to the register level
  • Ability to simulator busses (i.e. MILSTD 1553, Spacewire, and RS422)
  • Ability to save and restore states
  • Contains spacecraft dynamic simulators (GN&C)
  • Simulate flight to ground interface (i.e CCSDS Space Link Extenstion (SLE))
  • Ability to use to simulator for mission sim and training
  • Ability to generate faults / support full code coverage.
  • Windriver Simics and QEMU version
EFSI's High Fidelity hardware in the loop simulator.    These simulators are software only simulators with one of the busses hooked to and running real time.     An example is having a software only S/C sim used for instrument development.
Embedded Flight Systems Inc. (EFSI) developed simulators for Global Precipitation Measurement Satellite (GPM), Deep Space Climate Observation (DSCOVR) and James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbitor (LRO).   These simulators provide end to end spacecraft/ground simulation on a standalone PC (Linux, Windows, Mac).    Each new iteration of the simulators use re-usable components, custom models of unique spacecraft elements, and reuse of project resources such as Ground System, Dynamic Simulators.   Software re-use saves time for each new simulator.  These software simulators support an end to end activities such as Proc development, maneuver verification, and MOC training.   The simulators run the flight software unmodified. 
Click here for a demo from GPM Operating Simulator (GO-SIM) 
gpm launch site
gpm launch site
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